Ignorance in the Heart of Knowledge

There isn’t a serial killer on the loose

Attempting to frame your murder with a noose

There isn’t a stalker peering into your room

Taking pictures to post on the internet soon

No, the true villain here is statistics, you see,

1 in 5 women subject to rape scene

It’s the boys who were dazed

The fraternities who hazed

Oh, I wish it was all just a dream.

It seems life on a campus is horrific.

When depicted, it might seem terrific-

Alcohol consumption, sexual assumption

Ignorance in the heart of knowledge.

The invincible are often the weakest

Subject to turmoil from the freakiest

Inner demons awaken, and students are shaken

Their lives, too soon, taken; the theme.

The boy you were kissing

Has somehow gone missing,

And the fear lies in his mystery.


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