Waiting for Inspiration

You watch every opening
The doors and the windows
Anticipating, but no
They’re not coming.
Keep humming and drumming, painting and pacing,
And keep going…

Writer’s Block
He arrives
Swaddled in a sweater
Ignorant of the weather
He could be a trendsetter
But not yet.
Not set.

She kicks down the door
Comes bounding with a hug;
An embrace and you can trace
Every idea like a string of yarn,
Just sing a song.
It’s a hit.

They’ve been sitting by your side
For hours as you worked-
Smirked at your books
And you snarled.
For they saw what you didn’t, and
Not ’till you finished did you realize
You created a masterpiece.

These visitors, they
Ebb and flow, stay and go,
Never arrive in the first place.
But man, if you’re lucky to
Get stuck with these…
They’re something else, aren’t they?


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