Sliver Moon

Playing amongst the stars,
I reached for one.
As I picked, I was pricked
And fell back from my dream.

What remained, blood-stained,
In the palm of my hand
Sleeping beneath layers,
A sliver moon.

The wound healed, but the sliver
Stayed, and delivered
Sharp pinches as it attempted to inch its
Way out.
Yet stuck under skin, its efforts
Did not win, so with me it went
On a limb.

It shrunk in its size
Thinning like ice
As the sun rose and fell, dispel
The moon disappeared and
With minimal tears, it arrived in its place
In the sky.

The scar still remains
Engraved, stays the same
As the moon in the sky above.
A constant reminder, to remember
Be kinder;
Leave the stars to be without me.


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